Dressage Training and Instruction

Missouri Powers

Missouri (Missy) Powers formerly Missy Freligh, has competed successfully since 1997. While competing regularly in rated and local schooling shows, she has also continued her teaching career. Missy has helped riders (and soon to be riders) of all ages and levels. Besides bringing her own horses along through the levels, she also appreciates clients that have investment horses to be trained and shown for eventual sales or for the simple glory of competition bragging rights.


Lessons + Training:

  • $40:  single lesson/ride
  • $60:  two lessons/rides a week
  • $75:  three lessons/rides a week
  • $100:  four lessons/rides a week
  • $850:  full training board per month:
    includes board and 5 rides/lessons weekly

Contact Missy:
email: missourifreligh@yahoo.com
phone: 843.639.9080

email for list

Missy's Instructors:



USDF Region 1, Training Level - Open Championships, 4th place
USDF All Breed PHR
(Performance Horse Registry), Training Level, Champion
USEF Silver Stirrup; National Training Level Champion
USEF Silver Stirrup; Zone 4, Training Level Champion
USEF Silver Stirrup; Zone 4,  First Level 4th place
USDF Dressage Horse of the Year Award:
Training Level, 63rd  place
SCDCTA Training Level - Open Champion
SCDCTA High Score: Intro-4th Level Champion

7th PHR Zone 4 Training Level Dressage
Champion SCDCTA USDF Intro Level Open
4th SCDCTA Schooling Dressage Training Level Open.
··· SCDCTA Bronze Medal
··· SCDCTA Gold Medal

Reserve Champion SCDCTA/USDF 4th Level Open
9th PHR Zone 4 Training Level Dressage

5th CBLM Championships, 4th Level Senior A
3rd NCDCTA HOY 4th Level Open
3rd NCDCTA Championships 4th Level Open

··· USDF Bronze Medal
Champion SCDCTA Schooling Dressage 3rd Level Open
3rd SCDCTA USDF 3rd Level Open

USDF Reserve High Score Poplar Place May Dressage Show

Qualified USDF Region 3 Training Level AA Championships
Competed in USDF Region 3 Training Level AA Championships

Champion Novice JR/YR Area 3
6th USEA Novice JR/YR
Champion SCDCTA JR/YR USEA Novice
Champion SCDCTA JR/YR CT Novice

Reserve Champion SCDCTA JR USEA Novice
Champion SCDCTA JR CT Novice
Champion SCDCTA JR CT Training
USPC C-1 rating

4th  SCDCTA JR USDF First Level